I’m back.

Just a quick post here: as you may have noticed, Shonan Junai Gumi 1-3 have been released by the hard working staff members in my absence.

I would to express my most sincere apologies for my sudden disappearance – It began with the loss of my internet connection which when fixed was just in time for my exam period, preventing me from doing any work fansub-wise which affected both ADC-Elites and Sentosha.

However, after I return from Japan on the 15th July, I will be back in fansubbing and will be focusing all my attention on Sentosha now that One Piece has officially been discarded by ADC staff (whom, most of all, I would like to apologize to Chiari Iwasaki for simply vanishing without a word, despite her great work).

So now you know where I’ve been for the last few months. May not have been the most humble disappearance, but I would like to assure you that it will not happen again in the future.

Now onto the new website. While it may not be as customizable, it will at least allow all members of staff to log in and post without having to go through me which is a big plus when I’m not around to post news of a release.

As for user functionality of the new site, Word Press brings a featured RSS feed so you can receive instant updates when news is posted on the site.

As always, translators will be a major help, so if you or anyone you know of will be willing to translate for Sentosha, please drop me an email on sentosha@hotmail.co.uk and I will supply you with a list of potential projects.

The most urgent project that has been waiting in the wings for some time, however, is Kinnikuman – the 1983-1986 series as well as any subsequent sequels, spin offs, etc such as Kinnikuman Nisei (more commonly known as Ultimate Muscle in the States in its bastardized form). Staff member DRAX has kindly provided DVD raws, so if anyone feels up to the task, please email me! Second groups will also be considered as a joint project.

It may, once again, be a while until you see anything, but in the meanwhile, here’s a monkey singing Michael Jackson:

You know he’s awesome.

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