SnK Coming Soon

Just posting to let you all know that we have not dropped Souten no Ken. It’s just that I’ve just started university and as a fresher I’m having to settle in to my new life.

Sorry to have kept you all in the dark, but rest assured that we will be continuing the series and there will be a release soon.

– Wickio

4 Responses to SnK Coming Soon

  1. LBM says:

    Congratulations upon entrance!
    Good to hear about SnK, but what about SJG?
    Only one episode left…

  2. julien says:

    when are you going to release the fifth OVA of SJG?
    Because i’m waiting for so long time 😦

  3. judo says:

    Oh well, i’m patient and can wait, though I cant say I’m snk’s biggest fan. Any updates on SJG? Dont want to sound impatient or anything, just curios.

  4. Vetus says:

    Since you haven’t dropped the project I can wait for a life. ^^ Do your best with your university! 😉

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