Souten no Ken – Episode 05

And here we have it, we’re back with a new release of Souten no Ken. Episode 05 is now out for all of you who waited ever so patiently, and for that you have my ever-lasting gratitude. University and family issues have been preventing me from carrying out my end of the work.

And so, I send out my most humble apologies for any disturbances to anyone affected, especially members of staff. I’ve got a few special things I’m gonna release in the coming days, so please keep an eye out!

– Wickio

Torrent: ScaryWater | Tokyo Tosho

6 Responses to Souten no Ken – Episode 05

  1. hulk says:

    yes thank you. i hope working work out fine for you

  2. Leo says:

    Finally! Thank you very much Wickio! Keep up the good work!

  3. Nublet says:

    thanks, appreciate all the work you guys are doing.

  4. Zenzukan says:

    omg finally thx!!!!!!!!!!just hope u can sub faster =) i think imma die lol

  5. Del says:

    Thanks guys!Really appreciated!Take your time,after all Real Life is what we should care about most 😉

  6. Papa Smurf says:

    AMG woop woop to you guys, hope you are having fun at uni, many thanks for you hard work and look forward to the next release.

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