Souten no Ken – Episode 07

February 29, 2008

LoverOfHokuto(Avatar)This is my first post on Sentosha WordPress, so let me say a big hello to all of the SNK fans out there!! Now without further adieu, here’s Episode 07 of Souten no Ken! Get ready for some “Atatatata”! 🙂

Breathe in and enjoy!

– LoverofHokuto

Torrent: ScaryWater | Tokyo Tosho

Souten no Ken – Episode 06

February 7, 2008

Wickio (Avatar)Here’s episode 06 of Souten no Ken, as we see Ken and co. going to the Great New World, the Hong-Hua-Hui gambling house.

Enjoy! Hopefully it won’t be too long until the next episode!

– Wickio

Torrent: ScaryWater | Tokyo Tosho