Souten no Ken – Episode 06

Wickio (Avatar)Here’s episode 06 of Souten no Ken, as we see Ken and co. going to the Great New World, the Hong-Hua-Hui gambling house.

Enjoy! Hopefully it won’t be too long until the next episode!

– Wickio

Torrent: ScaryWater | Tokyo Tosho

12 Responses to Souten no Ken – Episode 06

  1. Cobra Jr. says:

    Thanks for the Souten no Ken releases. What happened to the promises of Kinnikuman from Please tell me you haven’t dropped Kinnikuman before you released any of it.

  2. AWTWB says:

    Thanks! I always look forward to the great job you guys do on Souten no Ken.

  3. ryuuichi001 says:

    That’s great and all, but…what about SJG? lol..

  4. Nublet says:

    Thank guys, looking forward to watching this.

  5. JC says:

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  6. freak says:

    thanks!! somehow thought u guys dropped this. hopefully, the next release wont take as long

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!! :0)

  7. sanzokudensetsu says:

    Well you don’t know how much we want to do Kinnikuman, but we don’t have a translator who wants to commit to it. If you want to see it so bad help us find one!

  8. gigimxul says:

    Thanks! I was afraid you had dropped this.

  9. loverofhokuto says:

    Many thanks 199X 🙂 I really appreciate it because I’ve been traveling and didn’t have time to upload it myself. I have added it to the “Downloads” page 😉

  10. 199X says:

    OK. I`ll help you again if I notice that you need upload another episode.(Are you related with and HNK2?)

  11. loverofhokuto says:

    I would appreciate it if you continue uploading SNK because I don’t have time when I go out of town. In regards to HoM, I’m not a part of their team, but I am affiliated with them in some ways because they have helped promote Sentosha and the SNK project, and I try to promote them because they do such a great job fan-subbing Hokuto no Ken. If anyone likes Souten no Ken, then they really need to see the older sequel Hokuto no Ken (the story occurs after SNK). If anyone does want to see it, I suggest you go to and get their excellent fansubs on the series.

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