Souten no Ken – Episode 08

It’s that time again folks!

Today we welcome the end of the “Great New World” portion of the series and get to see Kenshiro doing what he does best. Making heads explode. So I hope you’ve got your Hokuto Hats on for another installment of Souten no Ken.

Also, Ken in a dress.


– Wickio

Torrent: ScaryWater | Tokyo Tosho

10 Responses to Souten no Ken – Episode 08

  1. KK says:

    Well done guys! The great releases keep coming, you’ll be finished before we are, lol.

  2. Santoryu says:

    You had me at “Ken in a dress”. 😆

  3. sangofe says:

    You meant… Ken without clothes xD?

  4. 199X says:

    Hi everybody!Episode 8 is also here:

  5. Thanks again 199X 😉

  6. Excellent release keep it up.

  7. Reiban says:

    Thanks for an other great episode 🙂

  8. UnReaL says:

    this anime is awsome,propably one of the best i have ever seen,i can’t wait until all episodes will be subbed 🙂 good work guys ty

  9. vaxva says:

    the only english… how i wish it is softsub… no choice.. just wait for R1 DVD to have subtitle extracted…

  10. No soft subs, I’ve been down that road before and even had my subs stolen and used by other groups. Since you are into to Raws though, do you want to help us as our Raw Provider?

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