I spoke too soon about Hokuto no Ken

April 23, 2008

LoverOfHokuto(Avatar) It is with deep regret that I am informing everyone that it looks like I probably won’t be doing the new Hokuto no Ken movies/OVAs at Sentosha after all. Wickio has basically disappeared, as he has done in the past, and there is just a complete lack of communication and co-ordination. I can’t keep hunting down one person whilst the whole project stagnates, so I am looking into other alternatives. I’m also considering looking at other venues for Souten no Ken, since that project has also been delayed, and I have more episodes ready for release.

– LoverofHokuto

Sentosha will fansub the new Hokuto no Ken Movies/OVAs

April 17, 2008

LoverOfHokuto(Avatar)Rejoice all Hokuto no Ken fans because Sentosha is going to release the 5 new Hokuto no Ken movies/OVAs. For those who don’t know, the creators of Hokuto no Ken (the popular manga and anime series in Japan) have brought Hokuto to the 21st century through various new projects such as Souten no Ken (prequel to Hokuto no Ken) and the new Hokuto no Ken manga and movies/OVAs that focus on the major characters of the manga/anime series. The new movies/OVAs are: 1) The Legend of Raoh: Martyred Love Arc; 2) The Legend of Yuria; 3) The Legend of Raoh: Fierce Fighting Arc; 4) The Legend of Toki; and 5) The Legend of Kenshiro (which will be released later this year)

Makoto and I have actually translated the first 3 Hokuto no Ken movies/OVAs, but we still need to do some finishing touches and find some good quality ISOs before the final encode. I have not made the first 3 movies/OVAs a priority yet because you can actually find some good to mediocre fansubs floating around the net. Our first Hokuto no Ken release will therefore be Toki Den (4th in the series, or 2nd OVA) because it just came out and no-one has released it in English. I’m working on the translation right now, and although I will be swamped with real work for a few weeks, I will try and get it done as soon as possible. Many thanks to Shaka999jp for the French subs, which will be used as a preliminary basis for the translation.

– Loverofhokuto