I spoke too soon about Hokuto no Ken

LoverOfHokuto(Avatar) It is with deep regret that I am informing everyone that it looks like I probably won’t be doing the new Hokuto no Ken movies/OVAs at Sentosha after all. Wickio has basically disappeared, as he has done in the past, and there is just a complete lack of communication and co-ordination. I can’t keep hunting down one person whilst the whole project stagnates, so I am looking into other alternatives. I’m also considering looking at other venues for Souten no Ken, since that project has also been delayed, and I have more episodes ready for release.

– LoverofHokuto

16 Responses to I spoke too soon about Hokuto no Ken

  1. Compassman says:

    So what exactly do you need to get more Souten No Ken out? I have really enjoyed the series so far and cannot wait for the rest.

  2. Vaz says:

    I’m always ready to help, if you need, but you already know that 😉

  3. Thanks Vas I really appreciate it 😉

    As for SnK, I basically need an encoder, distributor, and another editor wouldn’t be bad 🙂 I’m still discussing the details with a SnK staff member and we are exploring our options. Unfortunately, I have a grueling 10 days of work abroad ahead of me, so I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything until that’s over. In regards to Toki Den, I’ve finished the script, although I’m going to check it one more time, and then ask our Japanese to English translator to go over it and fix any discrepancies.

  4. vegetahart says:

    Well I’m saddened by the news, not because I’m dying to see Toki den or the SNK, its just I appreciate the effort you put into all this. Although I’m a new member at HOM, I have been lurking from way back and leeching off their episodes! So I saw how you tried to get the first two SNK out. Also, although I never had my hopes up, I was glad there was someone willing to get the new gaiden mangas running.

    Its also a shame, since Sentosha seemed to have set themselves with huge goals.

    Well, I wish you guys all the luck in the world!

  5. Arara says:

    Hello. As I said before, I lead a Brazilian fansub which translates Souten no Ken to Portuguese, so we’d gladly lend you guys encoding power on it. Since we’ve got all the R1 DVDs that leaked out on TokyoTosho some time ago, there’d be no need to search for raws, too. Unfortunately, I’m not skilled enough to be an editor, nor I have a good connection to help serving.
    If you’re interested and wants to talk more, please e-mail me at yuri DOT oliveira AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

  6. sanzokudensetsu says:

    Right now LoH is away, but as soon as he gets back we’ll get back to you Arara 😉

  7. PAUL says:

    Perhaps the guys at shinsen subs may be of help.
    This is a great series and good teamwork makes any project
    less of a burden.
    Godd Luck

  8. I’m back after two weeks of grueling work. Just to keep everyone updated, I first want to finish Toki Den before I decide on what to do with SnK. In regards to Toki Den, I just need to finish re-timing it and then send it to our Japanese to English translator for a final check.

  9. Vaz says:

    As usual, if you need help with Toki Den of any kind, you can count on me too 🙂

  10. Thanks Vas. I might take you up on your offer 😉

  11. Vaz says:

    You know how to contact me 😉
    Btw, I stumbled upon this link:


    Any idea about what this “Fist of the North Star – The Road of Lords” could be?

  12. I do 😉

    I just got Toki Den back now so I’m going to fix that up and hopefully release it soon. The only problem is that I’m still looking for the DVD ISO, but hopefully a guy called robin might be able to provide it. I’m also a little busy with scanlations at the moment because I’m checking the translation of a team which is continuing the SnK manga in English. Don’t worry though, the SnK team has not dropped the anime project, we have done up to episode 11 so far and hopefully our translator will do lots more after he’s done with his exams.

    Now as for the “Fist of the North Star – The Road of Lords”, it’s basically a song from the new HnK movies.

    Also, do you know anyone who can use the Japanese P2P program “Share”? You can get almost anything Japanese there, but it’s very hard to figure out.

  13. Vaz says:

    Sure, our raw provider often grabs the raws we need using Share, so if you need something in particular just let me know 🙂

  14. Squall10 says:

    Hi LoH,

    I am from a french team who is doing the movies and OVA of Hokuto No Ken and Souten No Ken also (We have released the first 3 movies et 8 episodes ou SnK, thanks mostly to your team and effrots) and if you want the DVD ISO of Toki-den, we provide it to you as we have it already 🙂

    I can help also with Souten No Ken as an encoder (I Have all the DVD raws) and timer if you want (thus I don’t like timing very much).

    I will hang to the channel as Sousous, we can talk then.

  15. Squall and Arara thank you very much for all your help. I’m currently waiting to hear from the Sentosha co-administrator as to what will be our next move with Souten no Ken. Things are sort of up in the air at the moment and if I don’t get any good feedback soon I will probably leave the site and go somewhere else. I will keep you all in mind and I can’t thank you enough for offering to help me and the SnK team out.

    Don’t worry though, the team hasn’t abandoned the project and our translator told me that he will start on episode 12 soon. In the meantime, I really need someone who has all of the Hokuto no Ken DVD ISOs (Yuria Den, Raoh Den 2 and Toki Den) because I have the scripts ready and I want to release them as soon as possible. The only problem is I don’t really use IRC, but you can reach me on MSN Messenger at loverofhokuto@hotmail.com.

    Also one last thing, I’m looking for someone who knows how to use the Japanese P2P program “Share” because it has all the anime and manga raws I need for future projects like the new HnK manga hopefully.

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