New site for my SnK and HnK projects!

LoverOfHokuto(Avatar)This is my final post at Sentosha everyone!

I just wanted to inform you all that I have opened my own site (Hokuto no Gun), where I will continue the Souten no Ken anime project, as well as other Hokuto related on my own (i.e. without Sentosha). Sentosha was a mix of experiences for me, it was at times a great learning experience, and at other times just down right frustrating due to the constant disappearing antics of its administrator. Although Wickio played his part in producing the SnK anime series, it became obvious to me that I needed to move on if I was ever going to complete Souten no Ken and the other Hokuto projects I have been working on.

If you want to see more Souten no Ken in the future come and visit my new site Be warned, the site is still in its infancy and it will take a while until the project gets moving again, but just be patient, help if possible, and things will come around quite nicely 😉 In the meantime, you can get the first 8 episodes of the Souten no Ken anime, and the first 7 chapters of the Souten no Ken manga in the Downloads page of my new site. The manga, of which I’m part of, is currently ongoing so expect frequent future releases.

– LoverofHokuto 

2 Responses to New site for my SnK and HnK projects!

  1. Bishca says:

    I wish you the best of luck in your new venture, but what’s happening with Shonan Junai Gumi OVA 5??????

    if you know anything, ANYTHING AT all, information would be appreciated

  2. loverofhokuto says:

    Thanks for the best wishes, and like I said before, Wickio has disappeared so I really don’t know when you guys will get SJG 5. You should ask Sanzoku_Densetsu about SJG, although he was just as puzzled as I was with Wickio’s disappearance.

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