SJG 5 status and Might Gaine

Sanzoku Densetsu (Avatar)Hey guys. Man, finally I get a tiny break from study @.@

So basically I’ve been trying to get in contact with Might Gaine but he hasn’t been around for at least over a month now. I haven’t seen him on AIM (where we usually see each other) and he hasn’t sent me any email replies for at least that long anyway.  I messaged him again today, but yeah, it hasn’t been looking good so far. If I can’t get onto him then it’s going to be a big problem. As it’s already been mentioned, Might Gaine as ALL the files necesary to put the release together and we literally have none… which means if we we’re going to release it without getting in contact with Might Gaine then we’d have to start from scratch. I can honestly say that’s not something I’d be able to do, not until I finish school anyway. There is one way out though, and that’s if I can manage to organise a retranslation and another group puts their hand up to do a joint. I have actually had a few offers like that, so that could very well be the way things go.

But anyway, I apologise for the lack of updates but unfortunately not a whole lot as changed since my last post. I’ll be sure to let you all know if we have some progress on the Might Gaine front right away.

Thanks for all your patience.


22 Responses to SJG 5 status and Might Gaine

  1. julien says:

    If you can do the translation, i can encode it, time it,… (it’s very long but i can do it)

  2. sanzokudensetsu says:

    Thanks julien, at this point all offers are welcome. I’ll get back to you once it’s decided which course of action we’re going to take.

  3. overlord21 says:

    does anyone know what is the exact name of the fifth movie of hokuto no ken?

  4. loverofhokuto says:

    Kenshiro Den (Legend of Kenshiro)

  5. HaRDeStWaY says:

    Episode 5 of Young GTO at my website (

  6. Bishca says:

    Sorry boys, looks like someone else beat you to it

    encodes low bit rate, but quality’s about the same as your releases

    subbings a tad below par, but most definitely serviceable considering how freaking long I’ve been waiting, all who cbf waiting for Sentosha’s DOZO!

  7. Chass says:

    nice Bishca, finally someone decides to sub it >.<

  8. Hachibei says:

    Don’t bother with the other fansub, it’s pretty horrible. It sounds like they just ran the Japanese script through Babelfish…just wait for Sentosha to release theirs, it’ll blow this other one out of the water.

  9. sanzokudensetsu says:

    I’m downloading it at the moment so I’ll take a bit of a look when it’s done. Regardless we’re still going to release ours. However just when I thought things couldn’t get any crazier it looks like it has with school at the moment. Running the final stretch with the remaining weeks quickly ticking past to exams. Still no word from Might Gaine either so we might end up having to do SJG 5 from scratch after all, which as much as I hate saying it, I can’t see happening till late November…

  10. Bishca says:

    No offence Hachibei, but I don’t really care how bad it is, I just want to freakin see it, and I was about 5 seconds away from dling a raw until this alternative showed up and I thought, wth?

    And so what if they did a half-assed job of it, at least it was released! No offence to Sentosha everyone has rl things to deal with, I just want to see it! is all

    and another word to Hachibei, accuracy of fansubs does not impress me, of course I like it when this is such, but most of the time me being the cheap opportunistic ass that I am, I will essentially dl anything that has non-joke subs in english (or french) even if they aren’t so hot, Its the anime I’m after in decent Video and Audio Quality – thats my top priority

  11. Hachibei says:

    Bishca: I’m just informing everyone else how bad that sub was, if you don’t agree then don’t complain.

  12. sanzokudensetsu says:

    Just going through it now… and sorry but I’ve got to laugh, Kadena calls Onizuka’s zephyr a “jefrey” XD

    But anyway, I’d rather this didn’t turn into a heated argument or anything. Hachibei’s got a point that some people may want to avoid it as one could argue that it might spoil watching the episode, however everyone does have a right to watch it if they want to. You just might want to keep in mind though that, with all due respect, there are some mistakes ^^;

  13. Eugene says:

    Hi I was just curious if you had any luck getting in touch with that dude Might Gaine? I’m a huge FOTBS fan & as you may already know that this series has been fansubbed b4 by other fansub sites but never finished. I”M DDDIIIEEEING to see this entire series!! lol I laugh to hide the tears. Well I hope for & look forward to, future releases.

  14. sanzokudensetsu says:

    Yeah sorry but I still haven’t been able to get onto him. I’m crazy busy atm too so I really can’t afford to devote much time to tracking him down. Also, this may be a dumb question but what is FOTBS?

  15. Eugene says:

    It’s the English title for Souten no Ken: Fist of the Blue Sky.
    It’s crazy how anyone that subs this seems to stop at some point for some reason or other(maybe it’s cursed!)LOL Narutonation did ep 1 & dropped the series & there were a few others sub sites but I don’t remember the names. You have subbed more ep’s of SnK then anyone else though. Well I hope things work out & I look forward to you next release

  16. sanzokudensetsu says:

    Oh right, so you were weren’t talking about SJG? Well actually we’re not doing SnK anymore, LoverofHokuto’s split off from us to run a team devoted only to SnK and taken it over there. I’ve heard that they’ll be releasing ep 12 quite shortly.

  17. overlord21 says:

    well SJG5 in online on youtube for now for those, who like me, hate torrent download. Episode 12 & 13 of souten no ken are also available online

  18. THA says:

    So, will there be a PDSG-Sentosha release for Shounan Jun’ai-gumi OVA 5, or at least a Sentosha release? Or should we forget about it?

  19. TypeNameHere says:

    Is this fansub dead? Can I finally delete the bookmark?

  20. Bishca says:

    You Know Hachibei – I so can’t help saying I told you so – even though you’ll probably never see this – almost a year later since the last news post and my god, its still not out… Also because its unlikely anyone will look at this, I’m just gonna swear a lot.

    • Hachibei says:

      Wow Bishca, do you really have such a terrible life that you need to dig up 10-month old arguments to feel validated?

  21. anon says:

    I’m looking at your comment.

    I’ve check this website everyday of every hour, for the past year in hopes they have released it.

    I will go back to crying.

    See you in 45 minutes.

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