Interested in helping out Sentosha but don’t have the time or ability required?

Then donating is the next easiest way to help us out. All you need is a Paypal account with a credit card or bank account attached to it and you can donate.

Still not sure about donating? Then read below:


When I donate to Sentosha, what will the donation be used on?
All donations will go towards obtaining Japanese DVD/VHS releases to use as raws for our fansub releases.

Will Sentosha use the donated money for personal things?
No, all donated money will be used towards the group.

How much should I donate?
As much as you want. Any little helps!

Will my donation be listed?
Yes, your donation will be listed in the table below. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, please note so in your donation.

Past Donations/Donaters

Donator Date Amount

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