Join Us!

Sentosha, as is the norm in fansubbing, is in desperate need of translators & translation checkers to help sub our various ongoing projects.

We currently have no dedicated translators and as such will be unable to make releases until the position(s) is/are filled.

If you believe you can fulfil the following requirements, please drop me an email at


  • Must have a mature view on fansubbing, yet see the fun of it.
  • Fluent (or extremely confident) Japanese is a must.
  • English must be decent to save work for editors.
  • Must be able to translate a 20-25 minute episode within a reasonable space of time.
  • Must use MSN or IRC. (We can teach you how to use IRC if necessary.)

Note: These positions do not get paid for, do not ask us to pay you to translate.

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