Shonan Junai Gumi

Eikichi Onizuka and Ryuji Danma are members of infamous biker duo, the Oni Baku. When not out riding around, they can be found in school, trying to pick up young women. This is the story of the young Onizuka, who would later become the greatest teacher in Japan, and his partner Ryuji in their quest to lose their virginity and reach maturity.

They are widely feared bosozoku, and are known for their tenacity and viciousness in a fight. However, this lifestyle does not exactly endear them to the opposite gender, so they decide to change their ways. However, this is easier said than done.


86 Responses to Shonan Junai Gumi

  1. Amokk says:

    is this series ongoing?
    1 more to go!

  2. *me* says:

    A long time ago, I heard that there was no raw of epi 5, some time ago I found one. Do you still need the raw of epi 05?

  3. SanDen says:

    No we’ve already got all the raws. Thanks anyway.

  4. julien says:

    Hi, I’m a great fan of Shonan Junai Gumi and GTO. I’m belgian and I’ve already got the four first raws and I would want to have the fifth raw. Can you upload it to me and send me the link by an e-mail?



  5. Kor says:

    When are you going to release last episode?

  6. william says:

    wow i cant believe someone actually is finally releasing this series!!! great job guys, i’ve been looking for this all over!! many thanks and props for this one!

  7. Philistine says:

    I wish more fansubbers focused on rare series like this rather than the lateest new fangled shows. There are so many lost series out there. Thank you for subbing this series!

  8. william says:

    not to be annoying…but is the final episode going to be released soon? If help is needed please let me know, I try to help out if possible.

  9. inter4ever says:

    I have recently discovered the existence of such a great series, and I would like to thank you for bringing it to us. Done watching the 4 episodes in one night and I will be waiting for the release of the final episode of this great OVA subbed by you. Thanks again!

  10. manuxel says:

    GREAT JOB!! just that, i reeeeeeeally thank u a lot…
    just one thing, will you take out the 5º episode?? i’m desperate, i really want to watch it, thanks…

  11. Luke says:

    Super release…REALLY missing last ep though, UL ep5 asap plz!


  12. ryuuichi001 says:

    Hi! ryuuichi001 from YouTube here. You guys are so awesome, I’m actually going to donate! Hahaha…

    Also, can I officially have your permission to upload SJG 5 when it comes out to Youtube? I know I’ve already been uploading them, but out of respect I’d really like your permission.


  13. ryuuichi001 says:

    EDIT: Hmm, donations aren’t working yet.

  14. Grims says:

    Hehe I was wondering when someone would start Subbing this. SJG would make a nice addition to GTO series I have. Although I already have the VCD version of SJD but its in chinese audio… =\ Hopefully you guys could finish this SJG project so I could enjoy it with the English subs instead. It’s more enjoyable hearing the Japanese Audio and reading the English subtiles. ^_^ Kepp up the good work guys!!! “Still a little shock that someone managed to pick up on this series.” o_0″

  15. Ren says:

    Go PDSG & Sentosha! I just recently watched SJG that you released and im really glad you subbed this rare anime. I would really love this eps to be part of my GTO collection. I can’t wait to see and get the last ep. Please release it asap. thanks again guys and keep it up!!!

  16. Dante1990 says:

    Great job from me too, guys!! I’m looking forward for your last subbed episode…Please hurry…I can’t wait anymore!!!

  17. laikasick says:

    You are my heroes… i hope u can work in last episode of SJG. nice realase!!!

  18. Dante1990 says:

    Guys, hi again…I don’t want to be a burden, but could you please tell us, as a comment at least in the link “news”, about the state of SJG’s episode 5…Thank you very much and sorry again…!!

  19. jackall says:

    episode 5 please!!

  20. Kenren says:

    I havent heard anything on ep. 5 is there a release date or somthing
    I NEED EP. 5!!

    Thank you and sry if im being a burden but some news would be nice thanks

  21. sanzokudensetsu says:

    If you’d read the news that we give maybe you’d find something out =P
    I posted something last week my friend.

  22. Dux says:

    Great series. Thanks for subbing and sharing, can’t wait for the final episode!

  23. overlord21 says:

    i finally managed to find yur website reeally hard word. Its already great to watch souten noi ken but adding shonan junai gumi makes it better really good job. By the way, has anyone read the manga of “shonan…” because i arived at volume 23 and i would like to find more!!

  24. Dante says:

    Guys what’s going on with episode 5 of Shonan? You said you had almost finished it…

  25. sanzokudensetsu says:

    Please read my post from the 12th of March.
    As far as I know, the necessary files are still in transit.

  26. Ela re Dante, hremise ligo! Kanoume oti mporoume.

  27. Dante says:

    To kserw paidia…Sorry an ginomai fortikos…

  28. Dystyxos i alli omada den to exei teleiosei akoma kai perimenoume kai emeis. Otan to lavoume tha to vgaloume amesos 😉

  29. Dante says:

    Okay thanks…

  30. Whatabout says:

    Wanted to share my love for u guys… Keep up the work

  31. Ryuji says:

    I LOVE this pre-GTO series, thanks for subbing, and keep it on (I want the last one T__T)
    and no, im not an impersonator, been using this nick ever since i saw GTO when i started watching anime like 4 years ago. GOGO ONIBAKU!

  32. Onibaku rulz says:

    It’s great what you have done already, i don’t want to bug you with this but are you still working on episode 5? because is more difficult to find than the holy grail 😛

  33. sanzokudensetsu says:

    My post from March the 12th still stands~~~~

  34. Viqtory says:

    Can’t wait, can’t wait. :O

  35. Chass says:

    Hey can we have an update? what’s going on? I know you guys posted on March 12 but that’s over a month ago. Just wanna know what’s going on…

  36. StarZapper says:

    Hey guys, great job! I’m really glad someone finally got around to translating this series. I can’t wait to see to see the 5th episode, good luck!

  37. Anonym says:

    Hey. First of all i just wanna say thank yoy guys for publishing these eps. ur the best:). Im new at this and just wanna ask u guys something. I looked at wikipedia that they have made 10 ova of this anime. 5 named Shonan Junai-gumi! (live-action), but the other 5 dont have a name.. with of these are u guys subbing, just wanna know:).. Anyways Thanks Guys…

  38. Kenren says:

    What Chass said…

  39. Guys, I’m sorry to tell you this but don’t hope for a release anytime soon. The other team Sentosha did a joint with still hasn’t returned the script to Sentosha, and our administrator (Wickio) has deserted this site again. So if you’re pissed off then blame Wickio who doesn’t seem to give a shit.

  40. Kenren says:

    Damn……well that sux

  41. Anonym says:

    loverofhokuto are u going to continue to release this anime on ur site ?
    I looked at ur site but i only saw SnK/HnK…

  42. loverofhokuto says:

    I was never really involved with SJG so its just SnK/HnK for me from now on. That being said, I might help SanDen out in future with some untranslated interviews of the SJG creators.

  43. Dragon says:

    wtf can someone sub the last episode of Shonan Junai Gumi i don’t care if this guy some just sub it we’ve been waiting for more than 5 months kind of getting ridiculous but i mean i don’t mean to be so angry its just how do u finish the last 4 and just crap out on the last episode.

  44. Playspeed says:

    Please, all funs around the world are waiting episode 5, from Russia too!!!!!

  45. sanzokudensetsu says:

    Dude fuck off. If you think it’s that easy then why don’t you sub it yourself.

  46. Dragon says:

    I would if i could, correct me if i’m wrong i did not say subbing was not easy i know the long process you have to go through but this group did the other four episode fairly quick and many of us have been waiting patiently as myself until now. But 5 months is enough i mean if that douchebag just left the site then find someone else. i would translated if i could be then it would be a total failure as i know about only 20 sentences in japanese. Theres bound to be one person that knows or is a translator that can help out. I don’t have anyone to ask but complaining about is better than just being nice and fucking waiting another 5 months before another bullshit post saying were going to release next month lawl. Does that answer your question so sanzoku why don’t you fuck off.

  47. Onibakusjg says:

    Hey Dragon, I know how you feel, we all feel that way but its more of a political thing than anything else. Wickio is basically top brass here, he owns the site and basically any decisions made need to go through him. The fact that Sanzoku Densetsu is not able to devote any time to this project also bogs it down due to him being the other main roll of this operation.

    If you think this is such an easy process, than why dont you get ahold of a raw, get together a team of people to do this project and start your own Fan-sub group. I can assure you that there is WAAAAYYY more to this than just somebody to translate.

  48. sanzokudensetsu says:

    Hm ok Dragon. So what do you think, we’re not releasing the last episode in spite of the fans or something? If not what do you think is holding us back? Laziness? If you haven’t realised this project is a joint with PDSG and we have done our part in getting the episode ready. Might Gaine, the leader of PDSG, gave me the impression that he’d have ep 5 released within a few weeks ep 4 but it just kept on getting put off as he was flat out with university. Since everything was in his hands with required files etc and more importantly we had a partnership, I couldn’t just “find someone else” to do his part. Then February came and Might Gaine promised me that if he hadn’t finished the ep in a month then we could finish it off ourselves which is how it turned out. The problem was that Might Gaine didn’t send the required files right away, and then Wickio, who would be handling them, disappeared. So now, Might Gaine has promised me that he will finish it off himself again as he’s now completed uni. If you want to complain to someone I suppose PDSG would be the place to go.

    Apart from all that though, I can honestly say that I have tried my very hardest and the current situation is in no way a result of laziness on my behalf. May I remind you that we all have lives aside from our hobby of fansubbing and I am not under any circumstance prepared to just drop my education and plans for my future for it. Regardless of how agonising it must be for you to wait for another episode of your favourite series I hope that you can somehow understand this.

  49. Real1 says:

    I can understand your anger, Dragon. But these guys are doing the best they can. Giving negative comments and cursing won’t make them feel better.

    How would you like it if someone cursed you for trying trying to help the community?!

  50. loverofhokuto says:

    You little bitch, shut the fuck up! You stupid asshole, I wouldn’t be pissing off the man who feeds you, i.e. sanzokudensetsu, because he is the only person who is literally keeping this project afloat. So go on jerk off, insult him again and then hopefully you won’t get a release at all, you little shit for brains. Now go wait and play with yourself you lifeless moron, because you’ve obviously got nothing else to do…Dick!

  51. Dragon says:

    lol I understand the process i obviously i know theres more then a translator…Providing the RAW coding the subs timing the subs,all that. i was just to lazy to put the whole process myself seeming that you guys obviously know it . And i did not say that subbing was easy holy shit i love it when people don’t read. and to sanzokudensetsu i wasn’t really aiming my negativity on you more to the guy who you described just abandon the project all together. Trust me if i knew a translator and someone with knowledge of using SSA or ASS i would go start my own group and i’d be the one to provide a RAW because i have one. I’m sorry if i offended anyone i know its a hobby i know you have lives i didn’t say you did but it just pisses me and alot of people i know that whoever is the top brass just craps out and leaves before finishing a series.

  52. loverofhokuto says:

    Tell me about it, I’m fucking furious!!! I was so sick of Wickio’s disappearing antics (this is the 4th fucking time he’s done this to us without even having the decency to tell us in an email or something) that I decided to take my SnK project and start my own site without him. As you can probably tell from my previous post, I get quite protective when it comes to sanzokudensetsu, because he’s a really great guy who honestly and genuinely does give a shit about SJG and its fans. He alone has kept SJG alive, even though he’s got really hard exams now, and I know he’s going to get it out there because nothing would make him happier than to share it with everyone. So guys, wish him luck on his exams, be patient, and you’ll get the 5th part as soon as he can provide it.

  53. Chass says:

    good luck on your exams^^ and i’ll be waiting patiently…wish i could help but i barely know any japanese..

  54. Dragon says:

    yeah good luck i have exams pretty soon myself again i wasn’t trying to bash you guys i was just pissed since sanzokudensetsu just plain said that Wickio just left and deserted the website

  55. Yoshio says:

    We’ve waited a long time for this, it won’t hurt too much to wait a bit longer. The amount of work Sanzokudensetsu has put into this, and other SJG and GTO projects is awe inspiring. Good luck with this year man, we’re all behind you 100%. 😉
    I think it’s great that people care enough about SJG to get angry about it haha.

  56. Kenren says:

    Thanks for all the hard work Sanzokudensetsu!

    I could help with the 5th ep if there was one i could download with japanese subs but as far as i know there isnt one…

  57. Bentley555 says:

    year thanks a lot and hope the best for you

    their isn’t one with the jap sub yet, just the raw…

  58. vincegeratorix says:

    please subtitle the 5th ep!!!

  59. kharsajuuk says:

    are you guys gonna sub the other GTO prequel, Bad Company, as well?

  60. Chass says:

    Bad Company is a oneshot manga, not an OVA…

  61. kharsajuuk says:

    wikipedia says otherwise though. this could be wrong:

    OVA: Shonan Junaigumi! Bad Company (live-action)
    Director Noboru Matsui
    Episodes 1
    Released 05 June 1998
    Runtime 93 minutes

  62. loverofhokuto says:

    The fansubbing aspect of this site is pretty much dead, so I would just be happy with a 5th OVA release if I were you. Now Wickio (the main fansubber) is probably never coming back so I would imagine SanDen (scanlator, not fansubber) is going to convert this site into a manga scanlation site when he has free time. In the meantime, he is dedicated to bringing the 5th part of the OVA, but its arrival is beyond his control since he is depending on another group since, as mentioned, he scanlates not fansubs.

  63. Chass says:

    yep, i just hope that the 5th OVA gets subbed…it would be sad if it never came out…

    @kharsajuuk: if you notice, it says (live action), meaning it’s not anime but a drama type show XD i don’t think it would get subbed, and even if it did, i wouldn’t watch it…just read the scans XD

  64. loverofhokuto says:

    Yeah you guys need to scream at Might Gaine, the leader of PDSG, to get this. I honestly don’t know what’s taking him so long, especially when I just saw he released 4 episodes of Mighty Gaine two weeks ago. Well there you have it, scream and shout at him because one episode isn’t really that hard to do, especially if he has the translation.

  65. Chass says:

    really? where do u see this? the old website for PDSG have been down for a long long long time…their torrents aren’t updated in scarywater or animesuki either…

  66. TVA says:

    OVA5 in RAW:

    You start translated it now ?

  67. loverofhokuto says:

    @Chass – I found it here (notice it was released 2 weeks ago) and saw it on many other bittorent sites.

  68. kharsajuuk says:

    thx for the info about bad company guys. thx for clearing that up for me

  69. Chass says:

    oh oops XD didn’t notice that…do they have a forum somewhere or something?

  70. loverofhokuto says:

    I’m not sure. Maybe sanzokudensetsu would know, but I haven’t talked to him in a while.

  71. Chass says:

    hmm…well sanzokudensetsu pops up on the site as rare as the site release an ep XD

  72. loverofhokuto says:

    The only thing sanzokudensetsu can really do is just keep asking Mighty Gaine what’s going on, but he’s already done that a million times and he keeps getting the same old answer; i.e. “its coming soon”. I know sanzokudensetsu has been busy with his school, but I’ll try and get in contact with him to see if there are any new developments. Last time I checked (about 2-3 weeks ago), there weren’t any so don’t hold your breath guys.

  73. Chass says:

    this might be even out of the question, but how abt sanzokudensetsu just start subbing ep 5 on his own? It seems that Gaine is not reliable anyhow, and even if sanzokudensetsu started over on his own, it would probably get released faster than waiting on Gaine XD Just a thought…i know it’s a long, time taking process…

    on another thought, how do you feel abt subbing the last OVA hokuto? XD

  74. loverofhokuto says:

    It is out of the question because, as we have mentioned around 100 times now, he’s a scanlator not a fansubber.

    I’ve actually translated the first 4 films although I haven’t done the finishing tweaks to release them yet because:
    a) I’m too busy with the SnK manga and anime.
    b) The first 4 films have already been released in a watchable manner.

    I do intend to do the fifth film when it comes out, so I might just release all 5 films as a big batch torrent release.

  75. Chass says:

    oh, oops…but isn’t he in charge of the last OVA for SJG? Does he actually take part in it?

  76. loverofhokuto says:

    I think he might have checked and edited the script, but he’s definitely not involved in typesetting, titles, encoding and distribution. Wickio’s would take care of that stuff and it became Might Gaine’s job when Wickio ran away like a little girl.

  77. Chass says:

    really? T_T fudge, then we’ll never see it XD

  78. HaRDeStWaY says:

    I’ll soon release episode 5 of Young GTO. So go and visit my website (The info will be up, then the episode will be released).

  79. Kenren says:

    OMG! Thank You Hardestway for subbing ep. 5!
    I have waited so long for ep.5 THANKS AGAIN!

  80. Loke says:

    you sir are a god ! many kudos to you!!!


  81. Daniel says:


  82. M. L. Lu says:

    Hey guys

    I was wandering when will episode 5 of “Shonan Junai Gumi” be relaesed?

  83. Superchor says:

    # *me* Says:
    August 26, 2007 at 4:07 pm | Reply

    A long time ago, I heard that there was no raw of epi 5, some time ago I found one. Do you still need the raw of epi 05?

    # SanDen Says:
    September 1, 2007 at 3:40 am | Reply

    No we’ve already got all the raws. Thanks anyway

    This is Exactly what the first 2 comments say ( just notice the DATE guys and today is 23 Sept 2009)

    More than @years have passed sice you guys got hold of the raws including the fifth ova. no prob with the firat four cz you guys did a great job BUT 2 YEARS AND THE LAST OVA ISNT FANSUBBED BY NOW!!!!!!!!????? ISNT THAT A BIT OVER THE EDGE??

  84. Alastor says:

    WoW ty for this wonderful share…..

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