Souten no Ken

Taking place across 1930s Japan and China, Kasumi Kenshiro (the uncle of Hokuto no Ken’s lead) is forced to leave his teaching job and settle an old gang rivalry with the help of his martial arts.

Along the way, he meets various triad buddies, an old flame, and a mysterious old man who teaches him new techniques which will assist him in his quest.


10 Responses to Souten no Ken

  1. Sevket says:

    Hi there I have uploaded all five episodes to I would like to share the links here

  2. loverofhokuto says:

    Sorry for the late response, but we have already uploaded the first 6 episodes via megaupload. Feel free to share away though 😉

  3. shIN0bi says:

    SENTOSHA you’re the greatest, 10x a lot for subbing this awesome anime!!!
    I’m looking forward for your futere projects …wish you the best… from Bulgaria.

  4. Hattori Hanzo says:

    Thanks for the fansubs , i’ve been looking for subbed eps for ages i hope you’re continueing uploding eps. greets from Holland

  5. Anonym says:

    the torrent and the megaupload links on the Download side and those on Projeft side are they the same?.. Why is there that theres written DVD on the one on Project?

  6. Anonym, they are one and the same. They are written as DVD, because the SnK team is doing the DVD version (extra scenes and extra episodes from the TV version).

  7. GP says:

    when is the next episode going to be released?

  8. loverofhokuto says:

    Episodes 09 & 10 are going to be out very soon!
    You can get them and all the future releases at my new website:

  9. shIN0bi says:

    ^_^ Great…..good man!

  10. zODd says:

    Damm nice work thx for this releas 🙂

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